A Journey Through the Tulip Country

The Netherlands, known for its picturesque landscapes, charming canals, and iconic windmills, is a dream destination for nature and flower lovers.

The endless fields of tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils transform the country into a vividly colored painting, attracting visitors from all over the world to experience this natural wonder.

Among the destinations we visited are The Tulip Barn, Tulip Store Showgarden, Vd Slot Tulips BV, and De Tulperij, where we had the privilege of enjoying the amazing spectacle of flowers in all their splendor.

Even though we arrived when the tulips were just starting to bloom, the Netherlands delighted us with its spectacular fields of hyacinths and daffodils.

Hyacinths, with their delicate flowers and sweet fragrance, offer a palette of pastel colors, from pale pink to deep purple.

Daffodils, with their trumpet-shaped flowers, bring vibrancy to the landscape, with shades of yellow, orange, and white.

The hyacinth and daffodil fields are in bloom from March to early May, offering a wonderful alternative for those who wish to avoid the crowds during the tulip season.

In general, the best time to see the tulips in full bloom is from mid to late April to early May. However, this can vary depending on the weather conditions and the progress of the flower blooming season each year.

Therefore, it is advisable to check the weather forecast and the current status of tulip blooming before planning your visit. You can check this information on the Bollenstreek website (the Dutch flower region). 

The most visited flower garden:

Keukenhof, also known as the “Garden of Europe”. Here, over 7 million multicolored flowers create an amazing spectacle over 8 weeks, from late March to mid-May. We chose not to visit the garden because we arrived on Easter Sunday, which is an extremely busy period at Keukenhof with thousands of visitors coming to admire the flower spectacle, turning the garden into a bustling place.

Although tulips are the main attraction at Keukenhof, we knew that not all of them would be in bloom during this period. The blooming calendar can vary depending on the weather, and the risk of finding parts of the garden still empty was quite high.

The price of a ticket is €18.5/person, and if you arrive by car, you also need to pay for parking, €8/car.

For an authentic experience, visit the tulip farms in Lisse, Hillegom, and Noordoostpolder. Here, you will discover vast fields of blooming tulips, where you can walk among the flowers and admire their natural beauty. Some farms even offer guided tours, where you can learn more about tulip cultivation and the rich history of Dutch floriculture.

What we visited:

C.C.A. van der Vlugt & Zn.:

Your trip through the Netherlands is not complete without a visit to C.C.A. van der Vlugt & Zn., an explosion of colors and fragrances in Voorhout, the heart of the bulb region. Imagine a sea of delicate flowers, from snow-white hyacinths to intense purples, all enveloping the air with an unmistakable fragrance.

The Tulip Barn:

A must-stop for tulip enthusiasts is The Tulip Barn in Hillegom. Here, you’ll find an amazing variety of tulips. They also have a shop where you can order tulip bulbs, souvenirs, and handcrafted products, and a café where you can relax after visiting the tulip field. The price of a ticket is €8.5/adult, €3.5/child (3-12 years old), or €5/person (family 2 adults+2 children). Tickets can also be purchased online from their website. It’s very easy to reach by car, and parking is free. 

Tulip Store Showgarden:

Located in Lisse, Tulip Store Showgarden is a floral paradise, where you’ll discover 500 different varieties of tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils. The garden is arranged in thematic sections, offering inspiration for your own garden design. The shop also offers a variety of horticultural products and souvenirs, or you can pre-order tulip bulbs or other perennials that will be delivered starting in September, just before the planting season. Entrance and parking are free. 

Vd Slot Tulips BV:

With a long history in tulip cultivation, Vd Slot Tulips BV is a flower farm that attracts visitors eager to discover the unique beauty of these flowers. Here, you’ll learn about the process of growing tulips, from planting to harvesting. You’ll also have the opportunity to admire the blooming fields and choose your own cut tulips.

De Tulperij:

De Tulperij in Bovenkarspel is a family-run tulip farm. Here, you can experience the joy of picking tulips directly from the field. The farm also offers a variety of tulip products, such as honey, syrup, and jams. With its paths full of tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils, this destination is a true gem of the Dutch countryside. Plus, you can take part in guided tours and learn about the tulip cultivation process. Entrance and parking are free.

Annemieke’s Pluktuin:

Annemieke’s Pluktuin is a charming garden in Hillegom where you can pick your favorite flowers. The garden is open every day from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and parking and entrance are free. The price of a tulip stem is €0.35.

Tips for a successful trip:

Plan your trip in advance: The best period to visit the flower fields in the Netherlands is from mid-April to mid-May, when the tulips are in full bloom. If you want to enjoy the hyacinth and daffodil fields as well, early April is the right time for a visit.

Choose your accommodation: There are a variety of accommodation options in the Netherlands, from hotels to campsites. Choose a convenient location that allows you to easily reach the flower fields you want to visit.

Rent a bike: A bike is a great way to explore the rural areas of the Netherlands and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Respect the environment: Do not step on the flowers or break the stems. Respect private property and the rules set by the farmers.

No matter which destination you choose, visiting the flower fields in the Netherlands is a memorable and delightful experience for all those who love the beauty of nature. With the amazing spectacle of tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils in all their splendor, these magical places are a true treasure of the Netherlands, a country that celebrates spring in the most beautiful way possible, with colors and fragrances that delight the soul.

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(Netherlands-March 2024)

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